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Caza Olas is strongly committed to implement and deliver a strict environmental management program by promoting responsible and eco-friendly activities with respect for the cultural and natural environment. Caza Olasi s committed to the well being of our Customers, Teams an People We are striving to do the best in these areas by: Minimizing possible environmental impact generated by our operations while responsibly promoting the use of natural resources and eco-friendly products and initiatives Respecting and complying with the Laws relating to the protection and enhancement of the environment, the ethical treatment of animals, the well being of our Customers and Team, and our neighbouring Communities. Promoting the continuing improving of our environment At Caza Olas we are always seeking ways to reduce the pollution from our own operations 


Isolation from industrialized society can make indigenous communities particularly vulnerable to development. We approve of any local and international efforts addressing special community needs, such as improving living standards, health care, skills development, housing, and other unique issues faced by the indigenous communities around which we operate. We support the principles concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the World Bank Operational Policy and Bank Procedure on Indigenous Peoples to provide both short- and long-term support efforts to address the issues facing indigenous communities